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2008年12月21日 (23:49)

Twilight star 'not good at fame'

Low budget teen vampire movie, Twilight, is released in cinemas in the UK on Friday. Kristen Stewart, who plays one of the main characters Bella Swan, says she finds instant fame hard to deal with, it was fun working with British actor Robert Pattinson and that she has similar traits to her character.

Did you have any idea when you signed up for this movie how big it was going to become?

No. I mean, we knew that it had a really devoted fan base but we thought it was pretty small and thought it was exclusive. Like a culty thing. It's a small studio and small budget. We all thought it was rather quaint. It's a character-driven piece. We didn't have a whole bunch of money for all the stunts and effects. We had no idea.

There's been all this madness following you in America on the promotional tour for Twilight. Did you find that easy or hard to deal with?

'm really not good at it. Some people are great at it. It's like the other side of the job. I can't believe I have to do it. It makes it easier because I'm really proud of the movie and I'm a fan of the book as well.

So it's weird to see people mainly my age flipping out over Rob [Pattinson] walking into the room. He shifts in his seat and they all just go crazy. It's a little daunting.

How do you deal with that? Do you take the mickey out of Robert all the time for the reaction he gets?

Oh my god. All the time. Constantly. It's like, 'Rob. Touch your hair again'.

The two of you have an amazing chemistry in the film. Did you have to try out with a lot of actors before that?

I had four guys that I auditioned with. They cut it down to who they really liked. There was no question by the end of them. He [Robert Pattinson] was the last one to come in. He understood the character. He didn't come in and try to be this perfect looking being. He actually looked like he was thinking about something and he actually looked at me, instead of just hoping that he looked good at that moment and was fixated on his pose. He was quite perfect for it.

Your first scene together is almost quite comical. Robert Pattinson almost looks pained trying to control his feelings for you. Did that make you laugh?

It's so funny. We thought we were being so intense and serious. We watched the film and everyone was laughing. It was like, 'Oh my god. This is actually quite funny'. We didn't picture it like that at all.

The film does actually have quite a few laughs in it, mainly from the individual characters at your high school. Was that intentional?

They were allowed to go for it. It was so cool. They could have been very undefined kids that go to school. They're all individuals. Angela's a photographer. I don't think that's in the book.

Your character, Bella Swan, is very intense when she first arrives and very moody. How did you get into character?

Yeah. She's sort of happy being solitary. She doesn't intentionally try to push people away. I think sometimes when you're quiet and shy, you just come across pensive. I can fully relate to that. People are always asking me what's wrong and I'm like, 'Wow. Nothing. Absolutely nothing is wrong'. It's weird.

I think there's something innate. People are attracted to her. It's weird. We always joked about it. If she were to become a vampire, she would be the ultimate queen vampire because she's strong. Nobody can get into her mind. Edward [Cullen] can't read her mind. She has all of these traits that are superior. But yet she's completely unaware of them.

There are lots of fun parts in this film too, especially the stunts when you go into the tree tops. Was that fun to do or was that done in a studio?

We were in the trees the whole time. We had one day that they added on at the end of green screen, and I don't even think they use it. Me and Rob probably look ridiculous and confused, like, 'What are we doing in front of this big, green blob?'. So we were actually in the trees. It was cool. It was freezing cold. If I was afraid of heights then it would probably would have been a problem.

Kristen Stewart was talking to Newsbeat entertainment reporter Sarah Jane Griffiths.


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2008年12月19日 (23:13)

Kristen Stewart Names Her Favorite Books and Celeb Friends

December 19, 2008 06:58:12 GMT

"East of Eden", "The Stranger", and "Hot Water Music" are some of Kristen Stewart's favorite books.

"Twilight" leading lady Kristen Stewart has a question-and-answer session with BlackBook magazine, during which she talks about her favorite books, friends, and some other personal issues. Admitting she is into classic literature, she names "East of Eden" by Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck as one of her favorite books.

"It covers fundamental ideas of good and evil," she tells the publication about the set. "Other favorite writers ... oh, it's so hard when you can only pick a couple of writers. It always seems like you are trying so hard to look like an intellectual."

She continues stating, "I love Camus. The Stranger is one of my favorite books. Kurt Vonnegut. I just read Hot Water Music, which is a collection of short stories by Charles Bukowski. I don't normally like his work because it's usually rambling and drunk, but these stories were so good."

Switching into a more personal matter, which is about having friends, Kristen notes she realizes the importance of being with someone who understands her. "If you don't do this, then you don't get it," she says in a statement.

Talking about her closest friends, Kristen reveals to BlackBook magazine, "My friends are actors. My best friend is Nikki Reed, who is also in Twilight. And my boyfriend, Michael Angarano, is also an actor. I never thought I would date an actor, but he's my best friend. I've known him since I was 13 years old. I live in the Valley. I'm sort of a typical Valley Girl. We just sit around and play guitar and watch movies and hang out."


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2008年12月13日 (23:51)

'Rob Pattinson Is Perfect,' Says Kristen Stewart

Twilight sequel set to start shooting in March with new director

Robert Pattinson is perfect, gushes his gorgeous Twilight co-star, Kristen Stewart.

"[Rob's] a good actor and has a really insane work ethic," she says. "He is really sensitive; he's perfect. He's my perfect Edward."

Indeed, the palpable chemistry between Pattinson, 22, and Stewart, 18, has propelled Twilight into a bona fide cult phenomenon. Despite having cost just $37 million to make, the vampire romance has raked in a staggering $176 million worldwide since its Nov. 21 release.

Thanks to its stunning box office debut, a sequel, New Moon, is scheduled to begin shooting in March 2009. But so far, pre-production has been plagued with problems. For one, fledgling film studio Summit Entertainment abruptly fired director Catherine Hardwicke in early December while the cast was still on its European promotional tour.

While Summit had cited scheduling conflicts for the move, insiders say Hardwicke, 53, was booted because she wanted more time to develop the sequel while the studio was more interested in rushing out the next installment in order to capitalize on the current Twi craze. Summit has tentatively slated Nov. 20, 2009, as the release date for New Moon.

To get the project on rails, Summit quickly hired Chris Weitz to direct New Moon and its sequel, Eclipse, back-to-back to contain costs. Weitz, 39, previously directed (and wrote the screenplay for) the 2007 fantasy flick Golden Compass (which, to date, has grossed some $360 million worldwide), as well as produced the hilarious 1999 teen flick American Pie.

Meanwhile, on the casting side, speculation is mounting that Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black, may not return. Jacob plays a significant role in New Moon (as well as in its sequels, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn), and Summit is reportedly concerned that 16-year-old Lautner, who's barely 5'9" tall, may not be able to pull off the physicality required by the hulking Jacob Black character.

In the book, Jacob morphs from a baby-faced 6'2" teen to a monstrous 6'5" werewolf who's supposed to look 25 years old. Personally, I think booting Taylor would be a mistake, since he has legions of loyal teen fans, not to mention the sequel will require a significant amount of CGI (computer-generated imagery) anyway, to morph Jacob from a human teen into a werewolf.

Another issue for Lautner is his age. Child-actor laws limit the number of hours Taylor, 16, can spend on-set every day, and given Jacob's substantial role in New Moon, a lot of filming may have to be done around Lautner rather than with him were he to remain onboard. But regardless of the behind-the-scenes rejiggering, the Twilight franchise is sure to be an unmitigated blockbuster, since both Pattinson and Stewart will be back in New Moon and Eclipse.

Stewart, who was great in Into the Wild (2007), Zathura (2005) and Panic Room (2002), brings a depth and maturity to the Bella Swan character that was missing in the book. And Pattinson, who has become an international matinee idol overnight, shines in his delicate portrayal of the irresistible Edward Cullen.

Kristen first met Rob when he auditioned with her at director Hardwicke's L.A. home. The duo reportedly had an amazing chemistry from the get-go. Not surprisingly, reports surfaced of an on-set romance between the attractive couple. But Kristen, who has been dating actor Mike Angarano, 21, for the past five years, shoots down speculation.

"I have not left my boyfriend for Robert," she told Australian newspaper The Advertiser. "But [Rob and I] went through a lot together. It is crazy to go through something that heavy in real life. At the end of it you are inevitably going to have something."

And Stewart concedes that she and Rob will always share a special bond. "I know a version of him better than anybody else in the world because I did this movie with him."

As for her future, Kristen remains humble and level-headed. "Sure, Twilight is really huge right now and everybody's freaking out over it," she says, "but it will go away soon and I will be back to doing what I'm used to doing: weird little movies that nobody sees."


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